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    The Benefits of Automated Assistance

    How many businesses waste valuable hours doing ‘busy work’? The old saying goes “being busy doesn’t mean being productive” and a lot of workers confuse the two. Answering emails, answering customer support calls, updating statuses, sending emails – these actions take up most of our day, and yet do the least for our companies.

    ivr systems for pharmacies

    But those tasks are very simple, and they can be automated, freeing you up to take on higher level tasks within the company. The only question is, what sort of automation do you want to do?

    Different types of automation

    First, there’s automation by action, where doing one thing will automatically start off another thing. For example, posting a new article to a blog might also send out that post across your social media sites. If your company finds itself doing a lot of step by step work, then there’s no reason that the step can’t be done by a computer.

    Interactive voice response might be good if a customer only has a certain amount of options with your company. For example, ivr systems for pharmacies allow customers to pick up and refill prescriptions automatically. This frees up a worker to do higher level tasks if the computer can take care of the basic ones.

    Discovering the holes that can be filled

    Look at your daily schedule, business, or another set of tasks that you have set up before you. Try to figure out what tasks are sucking up the most time of your day, and see if you can have them be automated. You still control the automation process, but being able to spend less time on the repetitive and boring tasks in your day will give you back your time.

    With more time, there’s no limit to what you can do.